Yilmaz Vurucu

Filmmaker, Artist, Communication Manager at Wonderland

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Yilmaz boasts over 20 years of international experience in creating stories, producing, writing, and directing films, documentaries, and campaigns. As an award-winning filmmaker, his work covers a wide range of subjects, ranging from questioning AI consciousness in his most recent film, I Feel Human. Again (2023), to sustainable urban development in “The sea in me” (2010), social inequality and class struggle “Dr. Zack” (2010) and the stories of communities transforming heritage sites re-use in “The Open Heritage” documentary series (2020).  

His subjects of interest include community activation, social inclusion, sustainability, hyper-capitalism, individuality and precaritization, totalitarian systems of thought, and coercive thought reform. His methodology is based on artistic research principles, autoethnographic reflection, categorization of common patterns and the creation of what he calls “poetic moments of visual exploration through fiction.” He is active in numerous EU funded projects that focus on sustainability, art as a tool for transformation and awareness raising, and empowering communities in telling their own stories. He is the international communications manager for the Fairmobility project, coordinating the communication work between teams and Stakeholders in Austria, Germany, France and Romania. Yilmaz is in constant search for best practices and community based stories to research and make films about, so feel free to reach out to him for collaborations and suggestions. 

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