Walter Stahel

Swiss architect and author of The Performance Economy

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Walter Stahel is architect by training (ETH Zürich), researcher and industrial analyst by experience, risk manager by necessity, Professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences of the University of Surrey by invitation, author and keynote speaker by conviction, full member of the Club of Rome, member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Institute CRETUS at Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, of SUSTAIN, CRESTING at University oh Hull and a Senior Research Fellow at the Circular Economy Research Centre of the École des Ponts Business School, in an effort to pass on to young scholars his circular economy experience of a lifetime, which started 1976 with a study on the potential for substituting manpower for energy that defined a circular industrial economy and its opportunities to create local jobs and prevent waste through a regional circular economy.

Circular Perspectives for Linear Mindsets

How did linear thinking succeed in dominating our mental infrastructure? What can be done to change the linear mind-set of…