Ravin Mirchandani

Chief Dream Merchant, Quench Chargers

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Ravin Mirchandani is a traveler, both professionally and spiritually. He has spent his life on the road in many continents and his passions have ended with him being about the road as well, focusing on sustainable, carbon-free mobility and road safety.

Ravin believes he is fortunate that his job provides him with the opportunity to work on both of his passions through a focus on lithium & hydrogen mobility for vehicles and technology to change and influence driver behavior on roads. Ravin has been a jury member since 2018 for the CHARGE ENERGY awards held in Iceland each year which are focused on identifying the best legacy and emerging brands in the energy, clean energy, and e-mobility space globally. Ravin also has a private pilot’s license and believes that if one works in sectors that fire your passion, eventually one is bound to find the success that we all aspire towards.

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