Marc Aoun

Co-founder of Compost Baladi

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I am a sustainable development expert who holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Sustainability Studies. I am fluent in the following softwares and programs: MS office, ArcGIS, Solidworks and the following languages: French, English and Arabic. During the course of my studies I have explored the following areas with respect to research and applied fieldwork: Food Security/ Agriculture, waste management and sustainable development. I also have had invaluable field experiences throughout my academic career and various internships in sustainable agricultural practices; I have worked and trained in controlled environment agriculture, recirculating watering systems, and zero-waste discharge aquaculture. I have also had extensive research and working experience in designing, planning and developing composting systems and the establishment of waste collection systems.I have also explored sustainable land, water, waste and energy management methods through a study abroad experience in Central America.

Sustainable Bio-Waste Management in Lebanon

The Lebanese company Compost Baladi is leading the way in replicating small-scale composting processes in the Middle East, addressing what…