Manuel Sapiano

Chief Executive Officer of Malta’s Energy and Water Agency (EWA)

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Manuel Sapiano is the Chief Executive Officer of the Energy and Water Agency (EWA) within Malta’s Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise (MEEE). In this role, he coordinates a team of experts with responsibilities for the formulation, evaluation, monitoring and implementation of national policies concerning the use of energy and water in a sustainable manner and the formulation of plans to meet National and EU (European Union) energy and water resources management targets. Also, in 2022, EWA was entrusted with developing the national public charging pillar infrastructure.

He also coordinates EWA’s identification of and participation in research and development initiatives in the energy and water sectors, focusing on issues such as the water and energy demand management and use efficiency, renewable energies, groundwater resources management and policy assessment and formulation.

Mr. Sapiano is a hydrogeologist, with specific specialization in island and coastal hydrology. He has previously led the Agency’s Water Policy Unit, where he had the responsibility of coordinating the implementation process of EU related water legislation in the Maltese islands.

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