Manuel Casquiço

Director Programs and Initiatives at ADENE

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Manuel has a degree in Civil Engineering and a Post-Graduation course in management and business strategy.

Since 2001 he has developed projects and management for several construction companies, and in 2007 joined ADENE Building Department as an auditor checking the quality of the EPC issued by qualified experts under the National Certification System for Energy.

He has participated in several European projects as well as in some groups that are part of the network of European Energy Agencies (EnR Network). Up until 2017 he developed and coordinated several projects in the field of energy efficiency, always focusing on information technologies and the development of web portals. In 2017, he developed a tool to help consumers better understand the liberalized electricity and natural gas market and to evaluate the savings that can be obtained by changing tariffs and/or suppliers.

Currently he is the director of the programs and initiatives area whose main functions are the operationalization of the public administration resource efficiency program, renewable energy communities, as well as energy poverty.

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