Dhritiman Mukherjee

Nature photographer and ambassador of Roundglass

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Dhritiman Mukherjee is an Indian professional nature, wildlife and conservation photographer. He is a certified advance open water diver, certified ice-diver and certified mountaineer.

His works are regularly published in several national and international prints and digital media including BBC, National Geographic, New York Times, Lonely Planet, WWF, London Geographic, Outlook Traveler, Telegraph, and The Guardian.

Dhritiman is the ambassador of Roundglass and the founder of Saevus Magazine. He was appointed by Sony India as a Sony Explorer on 28 August 2019. He was also one of jury members of the professional category in the 6th National Award Photography Awards hosted by the Government of India.

Brahmaputra’s Journey through Assam 

As the river Brahmaputra flows through Assam, it forms an indispensable relationship with all that it touches and sustains