Bahanur Nasya

Director and Senior Researcher at Wonderland

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Bahanur is an architect, researcher and film producer. She studied in Vienna and Barcelona, where she specialized in sustainable architecture, just and fair transition scenarios, and future proof development concepts. She also manages projects and teams, with current projects consisting of various international collaborations (EU funded) that aim to support local communities throughout Europe. Bahanur engages with initiatives that focus on benefitting all segments of society, including the disadvantaged and marginalized. Combining research with advocacy, her focus is on segments that have been left out of the main discourse; she actively pursues working at the crossroads between citizens, practitioners, scientists, engineers, and decision makers. Her practice includes creating products that share knowledge (manuals, films, publications, stories, webinars, and training) to ensure a distribution of experience and knowhow to individuals and communities. With the Fairmobility project, she works closely with citizen groups on sustainable and fair mobility offers in the UNESCO protected Salzkammergut regionthe current European Cultural capital, with two dozen small sized municipalities in 2 different Austrian Counties. The focus of the project is on empowering women and gender minorities so they can lead the way towards a just mobility strategy in peri-urban and rural areas. 

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