Arthur Hinsch

ICLEI’s Officer – Sustainable Resources, Climate and Resilience

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Arthur Hinsch works at ICLEI- Local Governments for Sustainability, European Secretariat as expert in the Sustainable Energy Systems team. He focuses on promoting collective energy action and the socially-inclusive uptake of renewable energy infrastructure with a particular emphasis on the role of local governments. This includes policies addressing energy communities, energy poverty, integrated climate & energy planning as well as assessing the application of hidrogeno technologies in urban context. Arthur is part of the Covenant of Mayors Office bringing together signatory cities to engage in peer-learning and capacity building around climate change mitigation and adaptation measures. He support projects within the ICLEI Action Fund and regularly acts as trainer, speaker and moderator.

Tackling energy poverty at its source

As summer temperatures soar and winter approaches, addressing energy poverty becomes an urgent priority. July 2023 was the hottest month…