18 April 2018 | Reading 7 mins.

City of trees: growing more trees for Greater Manchester

Sarah McNally
Marketing & Communications Co-ordinator, City of Trees

Sarah McNally, Marketing & Communications Co-ordinator, City of Trees

The ground-breaking movement aims to plant three million trees; one for every man, woman and child living in Greater Manchester, UK.

Launched in November 2015, the City of Trees initiative aims to transform 2,000 hectares of currently under-used, unloved woodland back into use for the community in order to connect people to nature.

The movement was instigated by the Community Forest Trust, which has a rich history of over 25 years greening Greater Manchester, and The Oglesby Charitable Trust. City of Trees aims to gain the support of businesses, organizations and community groups in helping to reach the ambitious targets. To date, the movement has planted over 230,000 trees and brought over 200 hectares of woodland back into management.

Peter Stringer, Technical & Green Infrastructure (GI) Planning Manager of the City of Trees’ team, says: “The benefits of trees are well documented; they create healthier, happier communities, tackle climate change, reconnect our children to the natural world, and provide essential habitats for wildlife.”

The movement aims to engage a whole range of organizations including community groups, businesses, social housing providers, local authorities as well as public sector bodies to help achieve its ambitious goals.

As well as engaging other organizations, the charity wants the public to be part of the initiative and since its launch has connected with over 10,000 people face-to-face through events, walking activities and planting schemes. To help engage the public, City of Trees runs monthly volunteering sessions across Greater Manchester, where anyone can come along to plant a tree, learn how to manage a woodland and even bash some balsam!

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