REVOLVE believes in cultural diversity, multilingualism, and all forms of equality, from gender to socio-economic. Globally, we believe in a multi-polar and pluralistic world. At the crossroads of media production and communication services, REVOLVE has a vibrant, young and enthusiastic team of influencers, designers, illustrators, editors and managers that provide creative and results-oriented solutions.

Job opportunities

No global movement springs from individuals; it takes an entire team united behind something big. At REVOLVE, together, we work hard, laugh a lot, brainstorm nonstop, send each other hundreds of gifs, bring project ideas to life, and keep on growing. While there is no vacant position right now, we are awaiting a decision on multiple project proposals. So, send us a spontaneous application if you want to join us on our next endeavour to make our world more sustainable.

Be spontaneous!

We accept unsolicited applications and have a rolling submission policy for candidates. As part of a growing global movement to advance climate action, we are always looking for top-quality professionals.

Be adventurous!

REVOLVE Group is headquartered in Brussels with a regional office in
Barcelona for the Mediterranean. REVOLVE has staff in many cities too, including
Hangzhou, Lisbon, Mumbai, and Vienna.

Internship Program

Take a big step along your early career path and gain insights into communicating sustainability with REVOLVE. We have non-paid internship and remunerated entry-level positions at our offices in Barcelona, Brussels and Vienna. If you are not located in these cities, remote options are also a possibility given ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.