Lara Barangé

Communication Officer


Lara grew up in South Africa, England and Spain, and has a background in climate change policy and sustainable food systems. She holds a BA in International Relations from the University of Exeter (UK, 2016), and an MA in International Security and Development from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2018). Prior to joining REVOLVE, she worked with the UN in Mexico (at the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean) and Rome (at the International Fund for Agricultural Development), carrying out research on how to support UN member countries to reach their climate change commitments through agriculture. Lara’s transition from research to communications is led by her belief in social media and other storytelling channels to inspire change. When not scrolling through REVOLVE social media feeds, Lara enjoys cross-country running, music, reading, experimenting in the kitchen, and people-watching in the streets of Barcelona.

I’m sustainable

My main sustainable habit is how I eat. From my point of view, if every person on Earth began their meal by looking at the ingredients on their plate and imagining the person who nurtured each ingredient, the invisible resources that went into each one, and how it reached our plate, this would revolutionize the way we perceive and interact with the world around us.

The future I want

In the future, I hope to see more wellbeing-friendly cities. I believe most people feel more balanced in the calm of the countryside, but nowadays, living in the city is almost essential. Therefore, we must integrate urban and rural areas by establishing truly wild green spaces, and most of all by bringing food production into the city. By expanding urban agriculture and getting everyone involved, urban residents can have the unique experience of planting a seed, watching it grow, and finally cooking the fully-grown product at the end of the season. This is the first step of connecting with our food and can be a truly perspective-shifting experience.


Content development Social media Storytelling

Area of interests

Farm to fork Increasing climate ambition Zero-pollution, toxic-free environments



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