Established in 2010, REVOLVE Magazine is an award-winning quarterly publication all about sustainability. With more than a decade in circulation, the REVOLVE brand inspires climate action and helps you stay informed on the defining topics of water, energy, mobility, ecosystems and the circular economy. REVOLVE is known for its clean editorial line, classy design, and strong visuals.

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New online options

REVOLVE works closely with you on drafting and developing content about and around your product or project. We help ‘translate’ the details into digestible and interesting content for readers to understand and be inspired by your work. We put it together, you verify the pieces. We promote on social media, in our newsletter, or online. We also offer other original promotional bundles. Check out more here:

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Print is still very much alive and with the advent of digital options and Augmented Reality (AR), it is safe to say that print will see exciting developments in the years ahead. To bridge this transition towards the hybrid world of a more digital-tangible reality, REVOLVE provides old-school advertising options to build upon by creating digital interaction with AR video and other technologies that we can develop to make the experience more immersive and interactive. Meanwhile, discover our old-school options:

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We Work Together

Thomas Nowak
Secretary-General, European Heat Pump Association

REVOLVE is an agency that helps you see your communication challenge with fresh eyes. A team of dedicated professionals will translate your message into an appealing combination of letters and pixels.

Vicky Mosteyrin
Managing Director, Greenovate! Europe

At Greenovate! Europe we could not imagine the smooth running of our work, without counting with the very reliable and accurate info that REVOLVE Magazine gathers from the most pressing issues of this changing world.

Claude Turmes
Secretary of State for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, Luxembourg

Collaborating with REVOLVE was a very rewarding experience. Advancing the energy transformation is not only a matter of technology and markets. It is about changing mindsets, notably those of policy makers. For that purpose, we need a new narrative and REVOLVE is instrumental in communicating sustainability with such a positive story-telling.

Andrea Strachinescu
Head of Unit, DG MARE, European Commission

Successfully achieving the current energy transition requires not only visionary people, but also communicating about the evolution with ambition and dedication. Having worked with REVOLVE, I can say that they are forerunners in terms of communicating the energy transition, decarbonisation of energy system, consumers wellbeing, sustainability and prosperity.


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