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Turkey’s accession to the EU is perhaps the biggest controversy of European enlargement. No country whose accession application was accepted did not then go on to become a full member – and yet Turkey’s path seem very long indeed.

Writer: Ödül Celep

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Turkey now ranks 16th in the global economy. With a consistent average growth of 4 percent since 1950, Turkey has its sights set on being No.10 by 2023. To feed its energy needs which increase by 8 percent annually it is investing billions of U.S. dollars each year in new projects.

Writer: Orhan Coşkun

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With high-level politicians in Turkey, Syria and Iraq supporting cooperation over the waters of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, relevant institutions on the ground must focus on implementing joint agreements.

Writer: Aysegul Kibaroglu


Just when we were pointing to Turkey as an example for revolutionizing Arab states to follow, Turkey’s own hopes for democratic consolidation were hijacked by a series of arrests and police investigations that are part of the infamous Ergenekon trial.

Writer: Ebru Ilan


While Turkey and the EU are crucial economic and political partners, the current lack of strategy and vision displayed by EU leaders, compounded by the Cyprus conundrum has almost totally deadlocked Turkey’s membership talks.

Writer: Amanda Paul

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If Europe’s energy diversification plans succeed, Turkey is to become the new energy gateway to Europe for Central Asian and Middle Eastern natural gas supplies. Indeed, whether or not Nabucco goes to full capacity, Turkey’s role as a transit hub will undoubtedly gain importance.

Writer: Sijbren de Jong