7 October 2016

VIII Giorno


“Art is an attempt to interpret the world,” says Massimiliano Lacertosa. His project VIII Giorno (Eighth Day) is a journey in time, where time is a desert. The cycle of a day, the eighth day is represented not in real time, but as almost mythical. Time by no means travels in a straight line here; it is not linear, but rather extremely relative. VIII Giorno is a personal quest for finding continuity between a past, a present and a future in different related spaces. Much like Paul Klee’s Angelus Novus “flying toward the future facing backwards” as described by Walter Benjamin, humanity’s presence here is represented in this series as ephemeral and by its absence.

Born in Potenza (1980), Massimiliano Laertosa now lives in Bologna. He studied Arts, Music and Performing Arts, majoring in Theater. His project VIII Giorno is part of a bigger work in progress that he started in 2008 in Basilicata, Italy. To view more of his work, please visit: www.cromostudio.com

All photos  are printed digitally on baryta paper, 65×125 cm.

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