Working On Renewables

14 November 2014
energy Views

Europe is the world’s leading investor in renewable energies, representing together an annual turnover of more than €137 billion and providing over 1.1 million jobs in Europe. In collaboration with the European Renewable Energy Council (EREC), Revolve launched an initiative to highlight the human dimension of renewables by showing workers on projects around Europe. Coming this summer and fall in Brussels, capital of Europe, Visualizing Energy | Renewables in Action is a photo exhibition depicting different renewable energies on different sides of large rectangular cubes. This series of images is a preview of our exhibition, giving a glimpse into where energy comes from and who is involved in the process.

Revolve is grateful to EREC and its members for their participation in this project.

  • Erik Michiels works on the production of the mechanical components of wind turbines. Source: David Plas/EWEA.

  • Manufacturing frames for solar cells in a production site in Freiburg, Germany. Source: Soitec Solar GmbH/EPIA.

  • Paolo Andreoli, assembly worker, lifting the turbine skid in Turboden warehouse in Brescia, Italy. Source: EGEC.

  • Engineers Aitor Ojeda and Juan Carlos Campos inspect a field of solar panels at the Alvarado CSP Plant in Spain. Source: Acciona/ESTELA.

  • Leire Legaristi, a lab technician, researches new and better ways to improve thermal conductivity in molten salt and other fluids. Source: ESTELA.

  • Assembling a hydropower turbine in Niederranna, Austria. Source: Global Hydro Energy/ESHA.

  • Assembling evacuated tube collectors for solar thermal energy, Germany. Source: Ritter Solar/ESTIF.

  • Researching the efficiency of silicium solar cells. Source: Patrick Avavian, CEA-INES/EUREC.

  • Nicole Dirickx participates in the production of the mechanical components of wind turbines. Source: David Plas/EWEA.

  • Technical operations manager, Alois Pangerl, says “90% of stones get removed” with the Stonefex machine he uses to produce small pieces of biomass for energy, Germany. Source: Komptech/AEBIOM.

  • Solar air collector system on the roof of the Chamber of Commerce for the southern Upper Rhine region, Germany. Source: Fraunhofer ISE/ESTIF.