Sustainable mobility 1/2
Views 7 May 2017


  • Urban cable car traversing the Queensboro Bridge to Roosevelt Island in New York City. Source: POMA
  • The Grenoble-Bastille cable cars, known locally as "les bulles" ("the bubbles") links the city center with the former fortress across and above the Isere River. Source: POMA
  • PRIMOVE: a wireless and contactless charging system for clean, quiet and convenient e-buses in the historic city centre of Bruges, Belgium. Source: Bombardier
  • the colorful Röda linjen (Red Line) T14 of Stockholm's metro open since 1964 is 41,6 kilometers long. Source: Ingolf
  • Intermodality: connecting public transport in Strasbourg, France for citizens and visitors to go from electric trams to buses. Source: UITP
  • Intermodality: reducing carbon emissions and the use of motorized vehicles, an urban cable car station connects passengers with the local train system in Medellin, Colombia. Source: POMA
  • A multi-pod transport system carries passengers ....... Source: Vectus
  • The Personal Rapid Transport (PRT) - also known as podcars - is an automated guideway transit (AGT) systems that operate digitally on specifically designed magnetic paths. Since 2010, a 10-unit PRT system has been operating in Masdar City, UAE. Source: 2getthere
  • Intermodality: nearly 230,000 visitors travel from bus to train per year at the Historic Grand Canyon Depot. Source: Grand Canyon National Park
  • When there is no more room on the ground, then go to the sky. These two-person pods are coming to market in India and Israel this year transporting passengers on suspended lines above city traffic. Source: SkyTran
  • Exponential electric vehicles are coming to market, reducing pollution and noise in cities, but not incremental car traffic.
  • The Faraday Electric Bike has a simple classy design with batteries in the downtube and a front hub motor. Source: Richard Masoner