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Founded in 2010 in Brussels with a global outlook to providing critical but constructive views on the most pressing issues around the world, our award-winning quarterly magazine includes a selection of the ‘best of’ contributions from our digital platform. As an independent publication, we stand for integrity, honesty, and accuracy for our readers to be as best informed as possible.

As part of the REVOLVE communication group, our subscription options include delivery of the print magazine and folders/bags made from the canvases of our photo exhibitions. We believe that all companies should aspire to zero waste policies and that the circular economy should be implemented whenever and wherever possible on all levels of society and business.

So – start every season with REVOLVE and experience our unique rotating editorial focus on water (winter), nature (spring), energy (summer) and transport (autumn). Bringing together the main themes of sustainability, REVOLVE provides beautiful pull-out photo essays, insightful interviews and sharp opinions, plus longer in-depth features.

We believe in open source information for everyone: all content is free of access to view, read, enjoy, and to reuse with permission according to our Creative Commons license. All proceeds generated are re-invested in maintaining our journalistic independence and in supporting the next generation of media leaders – see our AMWAJ program for more.