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The greatest contributor to raising awareness about water scarcity is by far Mina Guli from Australia who has been running 1 marathon per day since 4 November 2018 when she started this incredible feat at the iconic New York City Marathon. She has been traveling and running in cities and countrysides round the world since then, going from Europe to Asia to the Middle East to Africa with her campaign #RunningDry which is a terrific call to each of us to save water and to join together to change the way that we all use, consume and think about water.

In March 2016, Mina Guli finished running 40 marathons across 7 deserts on 7 continents in 7 weeks. It was a world first… She was named on Fortune’s list of the 50 greatest leaders in the world and said: “It was a strange feeling to see my name alongside the Pope, Angela Merkel and Jeff Bezos, but there I was at no 45!”. In April 2017, she completed her second 40-marathon challenge – this time in just 40 days. Now, she is on her quest to reach 100 marathons in 100 days to raise awareness about the vital importance of valuing the water of our planet.

On Marathon 62, Mina suffered multiple stress fractures to her right femur. #RunningDry will continue as a movement, as she is inviting people to help her log a marathon a day by donating kilometers. As for her, she is continuing on the journey, meeting water heroes and telling stories of people in water crisis areas around the world.

Marathons 1 to 62

04.11 New York City, USA 05.11 New York City, USA 06.11 London, England 07.11 London, England 08.11 Paris, France 09.11 Paris, France 10.11 Beaujolais, France 11.11 Avignon, France 12.11 Cannes, France 13.11 Tortona, Italy 14.11 Florence, Italy 15.11 Lake Bracciano, Italy 16.11 Rome, Italy 17.11 Urgench, Uzbekistan 18.11 Nukus, Uzbekistan 19.11 Muynak, Uzbekistan 20.11 Aral Sea, Uzbekistan 21.11 Aral Sea, Uzbekistan 22.11 Muynak, Uzbekistan 23.11 Delhi, India 24.11 Neemrana, India 25.11 Chomu, India 26.11 Ajmer, India 27.11 Pali, India 28.11 Udaipur, India 29.11 Dungarpur, India 30.11 Garadu, India 01.12 Bhavra, India 02.12 Barwani, India 03.12 Sakri, India 04.12 Dindori, India 05.12 Jawhar, India 06.12 Mumbai, India 07.12 Hong Kong 08.12 Hong Kong 09.12 Hong Kong 10.12 Hong Kong 11.12 Guangzhou, China 12.12 Guangzhou, China 13.12 Hangzhou, China 14.12 Shanghai, China 15.12 Shanghai, China 16.12 Amman, Jordan 17.12 Zaatari Refuge Camp, Jordan 18.12 Wadi Araba, Jordan 19.12 Araba Desert, Jordan 20.12 Jafir, Jordan 21.12 Qaa Jafir, Jafir, Jordan 22.12 Israeli Arava Desert, Israel 23.12 Hazerim, Israel 24.12 Tel Aviv, Israel 25.12 Tel Aviv, Israel 26.12 Dubai 27.12 Cape Town, South Africa 28.12 Cape Town, South Africa 29.12 Cape Town, South Africa 30.12 Beaufort West, South Africa 31.12 Beaufort West, South Africa 01.01 George, South Africa 02.01 George, South Africa 03.01 George, South Africa 04.01 Cape Town, South Africa

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