Reforest Program

Balancing carbon emissions by planting trees

REVOLVE is committed to climate-conscious reforestation and tree-planting initiatives as part of our group’s sustainability policy to mitigate the impact from our respective company and project travel activities.

Through its partnership with Reforest’Action, REVOLVE tracks its carbon emissions and plants trees in local reforestation projects that support carbon sequestration while creating natural habitats that encourage biodiversity and empower local communities.

To date, REVOLVE has contributed to tree-planting projects in Roupage (Belgium) in 2020, Stoumont (Belgium) in 2021, and Martouzin (Belgium) and Zaragoza (Spain) in 2022.


ton(s) of CO2


trees planted


ton(s) of CO2


shelter(s) for animals


month(s) of oxygen

Source: Reforest’Action

The restoration of forests and afforestation helps prevent pest attacks and invasive species. Science shows that healthy forests and greater biodiversity also help combat the emergence and spread of contagious diseases such as COVID. Therefore, the benefits of tree planting are two-fold: it’s great for company team-building and sustainability practices while also contributing to the bigger picture of global climate action.

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Other initiatives

As the communication lead for the global network Cities4Forests, REVOLVE coordinated the #ForestChallenge – a communication campaign mobilizing the public to submit photos that reflect their relationship with forests and nature. For every image posted on Instagram, REVOLVE committed to planting a tree. Partnering with Reforest’Action, we planted thousands of trees in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia (2020) and in the Region of Saint Michel de l’Attalaye, Haiti (2021). Equating a post for a tree planted was a successful way to engage participants in both urban and rural areas that contributed to global reforestation efforts.

Our Mediterranean initiative called the AMWAJ Alliance includes a sustainable development program to identify nature-based solutions (NBS) to invest in and support fundraising and small-grant schemes around the Mediterranean. During our series of forums in Amman (2016), Barcelona (2018), and Beirut (2020), we helped support the Beirut River Forest. Despite very difficult circumstances on the ground, this project has successfully afforested parts of the banks of the Beirut River by using the Miyawaki method for multiple-species tree-and shrub-planting that supports rewilding and afforestation in small areas. Join AMWAJ and help us continue the journey around the Mediterranean!

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