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Whether you are traveling by plane, car, or train, you are leaving a serious carbon footprint. Consider planting trees via the REVOLVE x REFOREST program – it’s easy, fast, and verifiable.

Carbon-offset your trips by plane, car, train and your carbon emissions by planting trees around the world. REFOREST is a REVOLVE program that provides you and your company and projects with a solution for carbon emissions. We provide you with possibilities to carbon offset and create a forest instead of it.

Explore local opportunities to tailor your tree-planting

We give you access to a global network of foresters, Rewilders, who grow ultradense, biodiverse miniforests of only native species.

The app to plant and rewild

Plant trees easily in your daily life by using the Ecosia search engine.

Every search counts

See how Ecosia users are changing the world.

Plant your trees around the world

How does it work?

Calculate your carbon emissions via the Reforestaction carbon calculator based on calculations of ADEME.

See how many trees balance your carbon emissions. Choose a country where you want to take action. Engage your employees and customers in tree planting actions. Stay up-to-date with the tree planting projects that you support.

Grow the REVOLVE forest and plant with us!