We work with EU-funded projects and a wide range of partners on delivering communication services such as branding (graphic design, visual identity), digital (video graphics, website), content (social media, copywriting), strategy (audience target, multi-channel, stakeholders) and performance (impact reporting). Explore our work below. If your projects are about sustainability, we’ll help you communicate about them!

Improving Europe's Urban Metabolism

Together we'll create a resilient future

Energy audit policies to drive energy efficiency

Transforming landscapes

Value for society

Raising Standards | Saving Lives

European Technology & Innovation Platforms

Together we'll create a resilient future

Together we switch to clean energy

Accelerate the green transition

Removing barriers to renewable transport fuels

Empowering Mediterranean regulators for a common energy future

The energy transformation

Connecting cities with forests around the world

Sustaining the future of the Mediterranean

A Circular Economy Solution for Industrial Wastewater

Identifying ways of living, moving and consuming that protect the environment

Toolkit to help decarbonise the European building stock

The Air Induced friction Reducing ship COATing project

Connecting technologies for a cleaner future

Stories of Survivors

The Forest City Project

IRENA CoP23 Bonn

The Power of Democracy

The Energy Transformation

The open data tool empowering your energy transition

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