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Rawabi: The New Palestinian City

18 April 2019

There is a time to rejoice, and a time to resist – Rawabi is doing both in defying all odds in building a new city from scratch on the green hills of [...]

Forests Simply Provide Better Health

14 March 2019

Forests are essential to people and the planet. 72% of Europeans live in a city or urban area. Bettering the quality of life, forests have huge value [...]

Doñana: A Story of Destruction and Hope

20 February 2019

Flamingos soaring over shimmering water. The hum of crickets in the scorching heat of an Andalusian summer. An Iberian Lynx nursing its cub in a merciful [...]

On Water Polluter Responsibility

21 January 2019

Water operators have one goal: to keep water safe and clean. European water operators spend millions of euros to remove contaminants from water resources [...]

Bad plastics, good plastics

10 January 2019

An unfortunate consequence of our campaigning against the tide of plastic pollution is that some think the United Nations has decided to go to war with [...]

Back to the Future

21 September 2018

In the 1950s and 1960s, urban planners designed cities around cars. Brussels is a sad example of this: a beautiful city, torn by motorways cutting through [...]

Let nature do the job

19 December 2017

The head of WWAP sheds light on the power of nature-based solutions for sustainable water management The role of ecosystems and the concept and application [...]