The thirst debate: Tap vs bottled water

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Going beyond investments in single-point solutions

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How to go Zero Waste

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The CAP should prioritize sustainable food production systems

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Staying home: Financing the fight against energy poverty

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Quo vadis Europa post-corona?

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The bioeconomy - bringing life to the center of our economy

The industrial era and the fossil-based economy which have dominated the last 200 years of our history are coming to an end. [...]

Why your next heating system will be a heat pump

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Euro-Mediterranean integration: The role of regional and local authorities

In the year marking the 25th anniversary of the Barcelona Declaration, the Euro-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly (ARLEM) [...]

Twin sisters: water and sustainable development

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Full speed ahead for hydrogen

Harnessing a versatile solution to accelerate the global energy transition We might be at the biggest turning point in human history [...]

Sustainability: know your limits

“No thanks, I’ve had enough” is what we say when asked if we wanted more to eat or drink. But it’s only enough for the time [...]