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    Date Event
    20 May 2023 World Bee Day
    5 June 2023 World Environment Day
    8 June 2023 World Ocean Day


    • 20 July 2022 | Report reveals trends in energy efficiency measures for European SMEs
    • 24 March 2022 | HOOP Launches Urban Bioeconomy Network For Cities And Regions
    • 30 September 2021 | Digital twins promise resource efficiency for EU agri-food sector Brussels
    • 15 September 2021 | Livestock-based food systems need to become more sustainable
    • 6 September 2021 | Energy efficiency falling short for SMEs
    • 13 January 2021 | SMEs key to Europe’s decarbonisation efforts
    • 29 October 2020 | HOOP Project Launched to Vitalise Europe’s Urban Bioeconomy

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