2 January 2018

Mediterranean shores


Photographer Kevin Scarlet takes us on his travels to Greece and Tunisia. Reflecting the shared waters of the Mediterranean, both countries face similar climates, environments, and socio-economic challenges. Living by the sea evokes the wander lust and a more laissez-faire lifestyle of going with the flow of the waves coming in and out. Fishing, loitering, meandering along the shores of the Mediterranean – this shared space so full of culture and history, so full of potential for sustainable development based on a richness of natural re- sources. We hope this VIEWS may motivate you to take a trip to enjoy the welcoming waters of the Mediterranean.

Kevin Scarlet is the double winner of the 2017 Brussels Street Photography Festival (BSPF) for best single image and best se- ries. To view more of his work, visit: www.kevinscarlet.com

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