Media Relations Officer




Full time

Job Summary

REVOLVE is seeking full-time Media Relations Officers to ‘get the story out there’ – mainly by establishing and leading relations with all mainstream media (print, TV, Radio, multimedia) and journalists for European and global projects. We are looking for a pro-active, sharp, kinetic person with experience in journalism and/or media relations, a good eye for detail and a good intuition for content opportunities and strategic partnerships. Our experience shows that individuals with interest in social and environmental sustainability, climate change, biodiversity, circular/bio-based/green/blue/doughnut economy, the Sustainable Development Goals and other sustainability topics are a good fit as REVOLVE is all about communicating sustainability.


Job Responsibilities

Lead Media Relations:

  • Develop external relations with journalists and consolidate media partnerships.
  • Lead on all media relations advisory for non-profit and for-profit clients including strategy, (online) Press Conferences, media briefings, choice and selection of Press Release distribution service provider etc.
  • Grow and continuously improve and update the CRM of a global multi-purpose media relations database by integrating / merging all existing data and keeping it updated
  • Lead on content development for print, TV, radio and digital media outlets and keep abreast of the ever-changing media landscape and its needs
  • Work with the team on developing content for and streamlining media kits including infographics and visualized data, and lead the different tactics for media engagement.
  • Support the team in revising and fine-tuning newsletters, press releases and other materials.
  • Participate in framing and implementing internal content, marketing and media.
  • Identify and collaborate with freelancers and/or teams for the production of content for media outlets, such as audio soundbites, B-Roll footage, powerful infographics and imagery, and more.

Specific Media and other tasks

  • Draft/edit content for REVOLVE magazine and the REVOLVE website.
  • Prepare and write articles and press releases.
  • Oversee the CRM for media relations and the growth of our network.
  • Organize regular and/or ad-hoc activation events (webinars/briefings) with the press.
  • Commission quality content and streamline into content operations.
  • Activate and implement media relations with project managers.
  • Track reporting and oversee leaderboard updates for outreach per project.
  • Serve as the focal point for all media inquiries and press relations.
  • Propose creative ways of presenting content and series online for media.
  • Structure and engage news agencies and press release agencies outreach.
  • Copywriting skills: content plan, proofreading, quality selection, contributor relationships and prospect.
  • Advise projects on messaging, statements, speeches, and interviews.

Job Qualifications & Attributes

  • Three+ years of full-time work experience in public relations or journalism. Demonstrated experience in social and environmental sustainability issues is a big attribute; strong project management skills are essential.
  • Master’s degree in communications, journalism or a related research field, with hands-on experience in PR / journalism and/or academic experience in environmental policy/science or sustainable development or two+ years of additional relevant experience.
  • Written and spoken fluency in English at (near) native speaker level is mandatory. We have a no-typo policy. A second and third language is highly desirable.
  • Spanish or Belgian work authorization and residence is required for all REVOLVE opportunities.
  • The ideal candidate: Pro-active personality. Take the initiative. Ask questions. Get the job done. Never miss a deadline. Results-oriented. Growth mindset. Eloquent presenter. Opportunity-seeker. Open to diversity and discussion. Believer in a better world. Embrace mistakes as learning opportunities, not a failure.
  • The existing media network and experience with Brussels press corp are a strong advantage.
  • Knowledge of and experience with social media and how they relate to mainstream media, data visualizations, and visual storytelling are also an advantage.


REVOLVE is a communications group fostering cultures of sustainability. With offices in Brussels, Barcelona, and Vienna, and ongoing collaboration with leading sustainability actors, REVOLVE is part of a strong international network of like-minded organizations working together to create a low-carbon and environmentally conscious future for all. REVOLVE’s experienced team of communications and sustainability experts works with numerous sustainability-oriented projects, including 20+ EU-funded projects within the Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe, LIFE, and Interreg MED funding schemes. In these projects, REVOLVE helps maximize impact by leading tasks, including developing communication and dissemination strategies, visual branding, content production, growth monitoring, event organization (in-person and online), digital marketing, and result dissemination. REVOLVE also publishes an award-winning quarterly magazine (Digital and Print) focusing on ecosystem management, the energy transition, water security, green mobility, and the circular economy.