Human Resources & Office Manager




Full time

Your job

We are looking for a diligent Office Manager with a passion for Human Resources to join our team in Brussels. You will be responsible for overseeing the office’s fluid day-to-day operations and for developing our team’s Human Resources capacity.

Your activities

You will work with the Head of the Brussels Office to oversee, manage and implement office management tasks, including:

  • Process salaries at the end of each month via our social security company.
  • Record vacation days internally and communicate remaining days regularly to staff.
  • Report quarterly REVOLVE financials with the accountant via digital software.
  • Oversee timesheet recording from staff on a monthly basis and ensure proper encoding in the project overview forecasting and tracking folder.
  • Coordinate project financial reporting for different projects for quality control checks.
  • Report on credit card expenses and ensure proof of payments from staff.
  • Coordinate all Travel Cost Statements (TCS) for staff transport/accommodation.
  • Pay all invoices via the REVOLVE bank account with ING and encode them with project code to insert into the accounting software.
  • Ensure any bank or credit card issues are resolved in a timely manner.
  • Organize and coordinate all digital financial folders for REVOLVE projects with project managers.
  • Coordinate ONSS payments with GroupS
  • Coordinate Magazine shipping to subscribers and partners (addresses/envelopes) + link to sales reporting updates.
  • Help coordinate logistics for potential exhibitions and events (catering/rooms).
  • Help coordinate travel arrangements and accommodation bookings.

Your added-value

  • Support the REVOLVE team in developing its Human Resources capacity to integrate more benefits, trainings, and professional development programs.
  • Support the REVOLVE team in implementing its Sustainability Policy, both internally and with external partners for our REFOREST program, for example.
  • Provide general administrative support, such as scheduling for event logistics, related to media partnerships that REVOLVE may be invited to join, for example.

Your qualifications

  • Diligent attention to detail
  • Easy experience with Excel
  • Really excellent with numbers
  • Great with multi-tasking skills
  • Good with time-management
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Degree in human resources (preferable)
  • Proficiency in English, plus fluency in French and/or Dutch.

Our ideal candidate

Pro-active personality. Take the initiative. Ask questions. Get the job done. Never miss a deadline. Results-oriented. Growth mindset. Eloquent presenter. Opportunity-seeker. Open to diversity and discussion. Team worker. Unlimited creativity. Curious. Believer in a better world.

And now?! What happens next:

  • Send your CV and cover letter
  • Provide reference letters upon demand


REVOLVE is a communication group fostering cultures of sustainability. We publish a quarterly magazine and provide a palette of communication services and products to our partners, ranging from branding and digital marketing to graphic design and content development, video production, social media strategy and management, and media relations. We strive to increase campaign outreach and improve the impact of projects that are geared towards contributing to a more sustainable world.