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Hydrogen: the Multitalented Fuel?

3 October 2019

What’s the difference between blue and green hydrogen? The colour affiliation attempts to indicate the origin of hydrogen, it’s more of a marketing [...]

Is a Global Grid possible?

29 August 2019

The Vision of an Interconnected World The energy transition demands a radical change in infrastructure as we know it. The Global Energy Interconnection [...]

Life Cycle Assessment: Back to the Basics

14 June 2019

You ever wonder what life cycle actually means and how it is measured and implemented? Here are some straight answers to learn about LCA and ETV. [...]

Bringing Sustainability to the Oil and Gas Industry?

11 June 2019

The INTEGROIL project seeks to develop and demonstrate an integrated solution for the treatment of water flows generated in the upstream and downstream [...]

Removing Barriers to Renewable Transport Fuels

19 April 2019

How has the bioenergy sector – particularly in transport – developed over the past decade? In the transport sector, all EU countries must ensure that [...]

An Interview with Greg Archer

19 April 2019

Europe needs to bring electric vehicle production home and replace diesel vehicles faster to regain a leading role in the energy transition in the transport [...]

Hydrogen for the energy transition in Europe

18 April 2019

What is the value of hydrogen for the energy transition in Europe? The long-term objective of decarbonization implies[…]

The POWERSTEP Solution

17 April 2019

The power of wastewater is underestimated; household wastewater contains a lot of organic matter that can be transformed into valuable renewable energy. [...]

An interview with Violeta Bulc

17 April 2019

Achieving gender equality between women and men remains a major challenge across Europe, despite being a founding principle of the Union, says the European [...]

Valuable Resources are Being Recuperated from Brine!

17 April 2019

Based on circular economy business models, ZERO BRINE provides water solutions that recover and reuse minerals, water and metals from that sludgy ultra-salty [...]

Q&A with Dario Scannapieco

17 April 2019

Insights from Dario Scannapieco, Vice-President of the European Investment Bank, into the key ingredients for the emergence of a water and energy community [...]

The Essence of Communicating Climate Change

9 April 2019

REVOLVE talked with climate change communication expert George Marshall at COP24 in Katowice, Poland about how to better engage people in acting on climate [...]