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Green Growth Community spurs sustainable cooperation

The Green Growth Community consists of 14 projects promoting sustainable development in the Mediterranean on topics ranging from agri-food, [...]


NOW! is the global movement pushing for humanity to work as One, to solve the biggest challenges of our time.

The city of the future is a ‘water-sensitive’ city

Water is essential wherever people decide to settle. It is indispensable for maintaining all kind of life, be it flora, fauna or humankind. [...]

Recovering non-conventional water resources

Creating circular economy business models by reusing water resources for agriculture, tourism and homes, HYDROUSA is showing results [...]

Building from bauxite residues

The world’s main source of aluminum - the mining of bauxite rock - is detrimental to [...]

Maritime sector looks at reducing emissions

Emissions reduction and environmental sustainability is on everyone’s lips these days in shipping. International Maritime Organization [...]


Repurposing Livestock Waste Increasing demand for meat has pushed farmers to farm more intensively in order to speed up and improve [...]

Treating wastewater with ceramic filters

Introducing ceramic filters is more sustainable and more durable in the long-run for treating wastewater. The REMEB technology is [...]

5 insights with POLIS into sustainable mobility

Transport is responsible for about 1/5 of the global CO2 emissions and nearly 1/3 of transport-related CO emissions originate from [...]

This is not business as usual

How are maritime affairs and energy intertwined? The seas and oceans are essential for our future on planet Earth.

Winning hearts and minds for new renewables infrastructure

Electrification is set to play a major part in Europe’s long-term decarbonization plans; although electricity industry association [...]