The COVID-19 recovery plan is an opportunity to carry out a truly green revolution

In th​is interview, Juanma Moreno, President of Andalusia, shares his views as rapporteur on the new European Climate Law, the legally [...]

The hidden art of agroforestry

Aside from aesthetics, there’s nothing particularly striking about trees on an agricultural landscape – or is there? Senior science [...]

Agroforestry and biodiversity

Nearly one million species are currently at risk of extinction. This startling fact demands that we rethink how we manage urban and [...]

Green Growth Community spurs sustainable cooperation

The Green Growth Community consists of 14 projects promoting sustainable development in the Mediterranean on topics ranging from agri-food, [...]


NOW! is the global movement pushing for humanity to work as One, to solve the biggest challenges of our time.

The city of the future is a ‘water-sensitive’ city

Water is essential wherever people decide to settle. It is indispensable for maintaining all kind of life, be it flora, fauna or humankind. [...]

Recovering non-conventional water resources

Creating circular economy business models by reusing water resources for agriculture, tourism and homes, HYDROUSA is showing results [...]

Building from bauxite residues

The world’s main source of aluminum - the mining of bauxite rock - is detrimental to [...]

Maritime sector looks at reducing emissions

Emissions reduction and environmental sustainability is on everyone’s lips these days in shipping. International Maritime Organization [...]


Repurposing Livestock Waste Increasing demand for meat has pushed farmers to farm more intensively in order to speed up and improve [...]

Treating wastewater with ceramic filters

Introducing ceramic filters is more sustainable and more durable in the long-run for treating wastewater. The REMEB technology is [...]