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This is not business as usual

How are maritime affairs and energy intertwined? The seas and oceans are essential for our future on planet Earth.

Interview with Ariel Booker, co-founder of CanO Water

After helping to bring the idea and concept of CanO Water to life, Ariel decided to leave his job as a headhunter to focus full time [...]

On the quality of life, water and air

In anticipation of the EU Water Innovation Conference (EUWIC) that takes place in Zaragoza, Spain on 12 December 2019, REVOLVE talks [...]

Towards sustainable advanced biofuels

Take a tour of the biofuels industry and learn what’s at stake for market roll-out an sustainability criteria in the transport sectors [...]

Hydrogen: the multitalented fuel?

What’s the difference between blue and green hydrogen? The colour affiliation attempts to indicate the origin of hydrogen, it’s [...]

Is a global grid possible?

The Vision of an Interconnected World The energy transition demands a radical change in infrastructure as we know it. The Global [...]

Life cycle assessment: Back to the basics

You ever wonder what life cycle actually means and how it is measured and implemented? Here are some straight answers to learn about [...]

Bringing sustainability to the oil and gas industry?

The INTEGROIL project seeks to develop and demonstrate an integrated solution for the treatment of water flows generated in the upstream [...]

Removing barriers to renewable transport fuels

How has the bioenergy sector – particularly in transport – developed over the past decade? In the transport sector, all EU countries [...]

An interview with Greg Archer

Europe needs to bring electric vehicle production home and replace diesel vehicles faster to regain a leading role in the energy transition [...]

Hydrogen for the energy transition in Europe

What is the value of hydrogen for the energy transition in Europe? The long-term objective of decarbonization implies[…]

The POWERSTEP solution

The power of wastewater is underestimated; household wastewater contains a lot of organic matter that can be transformed into valuable [...]