13 October 2020 | 7 minutes.

How do you solve a problem like mobility?

Leo Roeks
Automotive Optimist
It is difficult to paint a coherent, all-encompassing picture of mobility. This is in the nature of things: mobility is a process that changes every day, takes on various forms – with different emphases in different contexts. Any status-quo already carries its expiry date within itself. This makes the crucial question – what will tomorrow’s traffic look like? – a challenging one to answer.

Podcast with Leo Roeks and Marie Kress. Source: Smart mobility podcast

While there is no definitive path to what our future mobility may look like, what exists are guidelines for action and ideas at various levels. The most important being that everyone can already do something today. We are not stuck in a traffic jam – we are the traffic jam. The traffic of tomorrow is not something abstract that will simply be there sometime in the distant future. The traffic of the future is already here right now – in us. Each individual can already make a decision today on how they want to be mobile. Whether they use public transport more often or take advantage of the tax breaks when buying an electric car, whether he gets his bicycle out of the basement or asks his landlord to install a wallbox for recharging electric cars, everyone has the opportunity to influence tomorrow’s infrastructure already ,today – even if it’s only being more aware of how much space an SUV takes up in a parking lot.

This also applies at the political level. One can be governed or decide to take part in the decisive decisions for the immediate environment – in initiatives, at council meetings or through letters to the local newspaper or statements in social media. What is important and already starting to make the change is the existence of an awareness of change, a feeling for one’s own role in the multimodal game of transport and the will to take action.

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