Focus on urban mobility


Urban mobility affects many aspects of our lives. Across the globe, new mobility innovations are enhancing the ways we move in our urban environments.

Building and improving cycling infrastructure is often at the forefront of mobility innovation. Cycling improves health, reduces pollution and decreases the impact of congestion on the city. New technology such as the VMS signaling feature in Copenhagen is helping to make cycling an attractive, safe and efficient mobility option for all.

Much of the new technological advances regarding mobility are surrounding electric and autonomous vehicles. From large haulage trucks to city buses, electric and autonomous vehicles are seeking to reduce congestion and the harmful emissions in our urban environments which are damaging health. In addition, small-scale individual mobility options are more apparent than ever. It started with bike-sharing schemes and now we have scooters. Pioneering companies such as Bird or Lime are disrupting the market by offering a cheap and accessible option for those wanting to get around their city, though these schemes are not without their own complications.

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