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From waste to resource

Re-designing the value chain of water and minerals for industry A new economy is emerging; one that is always keeping resources [...]

Bioenergy and the transition to a modern bioeconomy

Many forms of biomass are increasingly used to generate heat for buildings and electricity for power grids. The International Energy [...]

How regional cooperation provides sustainable solutions around the Mediterranean

Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area (PRIMA) funds 48 projects addressing sustainability challenges Barcelona, [...]

Micro-mobility: challenges and opportunities for cities & regions

The rise of shared dockless (e-)bikes and electric scooters alongside ride-sourcing and other demand-responsive mobility services [...]

Almar: Deploying water solutions globally

2019 has been an important year for Almar Water Solutions. After three intense years of work, in this last year, the company has consolidated [...]

Mobility as a service: moving towards multimodality

Multimodality sits at the heart of the vision set out by European policy-makers for safe, connected, clean and inclusive mobility. [...]

Walking: a personal journey

Mammals were born to move. The foal and deer stagger around within minutes on long shaky legs. The human squawks and screams, jolting [...]

Renewable fuels – Advancing European Market Uptake

Discovering the world, working with people across the globe, commuting to work every day or consuming exotic fruits imported to Europe [...]

Harnessing Europe's rivers for power — is it worth it?

Humans have been using the forces of moving water for millennia, first with mills along flowing rivers for grinding grains, and now, [...]

Unlocking sustainable fuels and bio-based products

Making products and energy from renewable bio-resources (instead of from fossil fuels) is a key aspect to combat climate change, reduce [...]

Turning off the Falls

The drive to tame the wild waters of Niagara Falls has had devastating unintended consequences on the environment and society – [...]

Urban ecology

How can cities and urban areas confronted with climate change, urbanization and population growth create more sustainable futures? [...]