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The Most Crucial Time to be Covering Climate Change and Action

9 September 2019

For the past 10 years, REVOLVE has been committed to fostering cultures of sustainability in our corners of the world while supporting the work and efforts [...]

Decarbonization, Decentralization and Digitalization in the Mediterranean

12 August 2019

Energy cooperation between different markets requires a convergence of regulation amongst the energy sectors. The first step towards a macro-regional [...]

Beyond Coal: How People Power Will Transform Europe's Energy System

2 August 2019

We are facing a climate crisis. Transforming Europe’s energy system has never been more urgent, and citizens across the EU are already taking action [...]

Health Renovations: A Sensible Climate Revolution

29 July 2019

The climate case for renovating Europe’s energy-inefficient building stock is almost too well known to bear repeating. Responsible for 36% of Europe’s [...]

Launching the Market for Sustainable Energy Assets

24 July 2019

Speeding-up project deployment and unlocking finance at scale, faster and further, is necessary to accelerate the retrofitting of buildings to meet Europe’s [...]

Building the Circular Economy in Brussels

18 July 2019

The traditional linear economic model is under pressure. The rapid use of natural resources is producing colossal amounts of waste and is unable to respond [...]

Energy Futures at the Edge of the World

27 June 2019

Europe’s energy future is already a reality on Scotland’s remote Orkney islands, where cutting-edge renewable energy systems in wave and hydrogen [...]

MEDENER: The Mediterranean Association of National Agencies for Energy Management

21 June 2019

The Mediterranean region is blessed with a wealth of natural resources, including renewable energy sources that are being exploited in sustainable ways [...]

The Energy Transition, Power Lines and People

18 June 2019

A Great Opportunity for New European Leaders The European energy landscape is experiencing a huge transformation and the Clean Energy for All Europeans [...]

Could Social Housing Be the First to Decarbonize?

6 June 2019

Deep renovation of Europe’s building stock is necessary to reach ambitious climate change targets. But the reality is that “business models and solutions [...]

Who is Responsible for Making Urban Areas Resilient?

29 May 2019

Increasing urban resilience means addressing the major issues of our time, from climate change to water & food security, while saving millions of [...]

Biomass: The Role of Science and Science-Based Policy-Making

23 May 2019

Strengthening scientific knowledge and science-based policy-making is crucial to advancing research and innovation and securing a carbon-neutral future. [...]