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The Rise of European Water Start-ups: Who are the Next Champions?

9 May 2019

Although it is still early, European water start-ups are already changing the way water and wastewater is managed today, shaping tomorrow’s market.[...]

The City-Forest Nexus

2 May 2019

Growing Cities, Building Forests  Walking the streets of most global cities today, things seem to be going pretty well. Between the lights, buildings,[...]

The New Oil: Green Hydrogen from the Arabian Gulf

19 April 2019

In the early years of the 21st century, hydrogen enjoyed great industrial attention, from car-makers to developers of fuel cells, electrolyzers and storage[...]

Download Healthy Routes

19 April 2019

When the potential of big data is channelled and used properly, the result can be really useful for cities and citizens, particularly for healthier mobility[...]

Automated Vehicles are NOT the answer

19 April 2019

Do you think automated vehicles are just going to come onto the market and solve our mobility problems? It’s much more complex, POLIS explains:   Vehicle[...]

Imagine the TransArabian Xpress

18 April 2019

Imagine connecting Morocco to Oman with a high-speed train going across North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula transporting people and goods for tourism,[...]

Breaking Barriers: Financing the low-carbon transition

18 April 2019

Tackling climate change and building a global green economy is the opportunity of our time. The economic case for climate action is strong— investments[...]

The Hydrogen Revolution is Underway

17 April 2019

To realize the global climate and Sustainable Development Goals, decarbonizing the transport sector is key: hydrogen offers promising opportunities for[...]

The Biomimetic Hull

17 April 2019

Inventors got their inspiration from nature to solve technical challenges for millennia. However, it is not as simple as it sounds, since highly complex[...]

Missing the ‘F’ in sustainable mobility!

17 April 2019

We all agree that we need to shift transport away from fossil fuels to low-carbon, sustainable mobility, but as laudable as this may sound and be, the[...]

Perfectly Good: Austrian Start-up Gives Second Life to Waste

17 April 2019

Consumer waste is a global issue. In Germany alone, nearly €7 billion1 in consumer goods are discarded every year—over one-third of which are entirely[...]

Sustainable Bio-Waste Management

17 April 2019

A company in Lebanon is leading the way in replicating small-scale composting processes in the Middle East, addressing what remains a daunting global[...]