Barcelona, Spain

A Sea of Change 


Join the forthcoming symposium on Friday the 21st of April in BAU, College of Art & Design in Barcelona, in the framework of the project A Sea Change, an international cooperation project around the Mediterranean sea seeking an art-driven transformation towards a more sustainable economy of the sea.

The symposium will provide an interdisciplinary approach with a series of engaging presentations on marine and coastal sustainability by artists and experts on blue economy, literature, communication, and environmental sciences. Additionally, A Sea Change aims to draw on urgent issues around urbanism and the well-being of the local human and non-human communities that inhabit the coastal ecosystem of Barcelona and the Mediterranean, with an unexplored emphasis on the value of art and culture for the future of the sea.

Building creative narratives to spark water action

Patricia from REVOLVE will share her experience in building engaging climate campaigns and stories that focus on constructive approaches to tackling complex issues. Her session will delve into the power of media to raise awareness and shape mindsets to achieve a more conscious society. Drawing on her experience at REVOLVE, she will present science-driven projects that are using creative narratives to protect marine ecosystems and promote sustainable water management. She will also shed light on how the AMWAJ initiative is creating synergies between media, business, research, and policy across and beyond the shores of the Mediterranean through field stories, news, articles, and innovative storytelling techniques presented through different formats including video and podcast.

A Sea of Change is a project co-funded by the European Union focused on promoting creative innovation around the Blue Economy practices through interdisciplinary and intermedia arts as well as artistic and curatorial research.