Doñana: A Story of Destruction and Hope

20 Feb 2019 Martina Mlinaric

Flamingos soaring over shimmering water. The hum of crickets in the scorching heat of an Andalusian summer. An Iberian Lynx nursing its cub in a merciful patch of shade. For anyone who has visited or read of Spain’s iconic Doñana National Park, these are the images that come to mind.  But the underlying reality is […]


Back to the future

21 Sep 2018 Pascal Smet

In the 1950s and 1960s, urban planners designed cities around cars. Brussels is a sad example of this: a beautiful city, torn by motorways cutting through neighborhoods. Belgium’s taxation policy over the last couple of decades has made the situation a whole lot worse. It is now more beneficial to live outside a city where […]


Bad Plastics, Good Plastics

21 Jun 2018 Erik Solheim

The fact is that plastics are a miracle material and could even be the very thing that saves humanity from catastrophic climate change. The problem in our oceans isn’t plastics, it’s what we do with them. Over the years, we got lazy – creating an infinite number of singleuse, throwaway items like bags, drinking straws […]


Why City-Dwellers Should Care About Forests

21 Mar 2018 Frances Seymour

Trees shade city streets and parks raise property values. Trees provide cooling shade and help moderate run-off after storms. They’re good for the mind and body. Urban forests help cleanse the air of pollutants, reducing the incidence of respiratory disease. And their presence makes you feel better: a study in Toronto found that having an […]


Let nature do the job

21 Dec 2017 Professor Stefan Uhlenbrook

The role of ecosystems and the concept and application of nature-based solutions (NBS) for sustainable water management is not new. Indeed, the use of natural processes to manage water spans millennia, but “nature-based solutions” terminology emerged only recently. NBS are increasingly recognized as important to address complex challenges in water management – water scarcity, quality […]


A Sustainable Water Policy for the Mediterranean

5 Dec 2017 Karmenu Vella

Today, as much as anywhere else in the world, it concentrates the problems we face. It brings us face to face with the realities of water scarcity, urbanisation, and our growing energy needs. On its southern shores, an enduring economic crisis is bringing ongoing socio-political instability, conflict and large-scale migratory movements. And one thing is […]


Regions Can Lead the Energy Transition

23 Nov 2017 Stuart Reigeluth

COP23 in Bonn this month reaffirmed that sub-national regions lead the energy transition. Not only can they lead, they are actually leading by example. This is true in Europe, the United States and in the small island developing states (SIDS) that in effect act as a unified region calling for the rest of the world […]


Sustainable Mobility

21 Sep 2017 Violeta Bulc

Europe is on the move and transport is changing. Indeed mobility solutions must evolve in order to better serve the public and the business community, and also to reduce its impact on the environment. Today, transport still relies on oil for 94% of its energy needs. If we do nothing, it will be the single […]


Investing in Water around the MENA

9 Sep 2017 Stuart Reigeluth

There is a looming water crisis that is beginning to manifest itself in very serious ways across North Africa and the Middle East (MENA) regions. The general public seems oblivious to the threat and national ministries often seem to be looking the other way, but the data is there now:  According to NASA, we are […]


We Need a Carbon Floor Price

21 Jun 2017 Claude Turmes

Coal-fired power plants benefit from preferential treatment in the sense that they are exempt from the “polluter pays” principle enshrined in EU treaties. A collapsing EU ETS makes it artificially cheap to emit CO2 at around 5 euros/ton. Unfortunately, the reforms of the ETS put forward by the European Commission for 2020-2030 are not enough […]


All We Need is Forests

22 Feb 2017 Mette Wilkie

As we are witnessing expanding drought conditions here in Kenya, where the Headquarters of the UN Environment Programme are located, and also in the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and elsewhere in Africa, we are starkly reminded that climate change is already affecting vulnerable regions and societies across the world. People, animals and plants are suffering […]


Mobility goes digital, connected and electric

9 Feb 2017 Mohamed Mezghani

For several months now, not a week has gone by without news on autonomous vehicles or innovations in ride-selling or ride-sharing apps and other so-called ‘new mobility’ services. Digitalization has come to the transport sector and is paving the way for services that are breaking new ground – a development that would have been unimaginable […]


A new deal for Europe’s energy transition

9 Jun 2016 Dominique Ristori

Energy is affecting all of our economies and100% of our populations day and night. It plays a key role for our security, our competitive ness,but also our environment andcomfort of life. In the light of the on-going Russia-Ukraine tensions, European energy security cannot be taken for granted and at the same time, with the liberalisation […]


Fashion Products from Old Tires

21 Apr 2016

In Port-au-Prince, Haiti, discarded tires litter the streets, clog drainage systems,and are regularly burned as a method of disposal, releasing dangerous toxins into the air. Tires that avoid any of these fates end up in the ocean. To combat this harmful practice, ethical and eco-friendly fashion brand, deux mains designs collects tires from the streets […]


Advertising Banners Recycled

14 Apr 2016

Kees es-Souk Your must have daily bag for carrying anything from groceries to beach-wear with an external pocket that fits an iPad. Durable and water repellent body from reused banners and heavy duty straps from seat belts. Bike Bag It always goes your way whatever the weatherman says. With a capacity of 7.5 liters it […]


Sustainable Eyewear

8 Apr 2016

Karün is an eyewear company creating high quality sunglasses made with recycled fishing nets preventing a harmful form of ocean plastics. Plastic pollution in the oceans is one of the biggest problems in the world and fishing nets represent about 10% of that plastic! Karün and the Californian company Bureo worked together to turn used […]


Time for Sustainability

31 Mar 2016

Analog Watch Co. The Analog Watch Company produce a series of minimal and eco-friendly wooden watches. Their work is an iconic design with clean lines and a unique texture, and their design is 80% biodegradable. The Analog Watch Company are dedicated to exploring new ways of considering materials and stands by their product and their commitment to nature: the partnership with Trees […]


Revolve Magazine Turns Five!

30 Dec 2015 Stuart Reigeluth

Five years ago, in the winter of 2010/11, we created a first issue of the magazine that you are holding and that at the time mimicked our first website. We went through three or four websites since then, and we are proud to say that the magazine has now taken on a truly international breathe […]


Pillows made from Sari silks

17 Nov 2015

Innovative start-ups from around the world are recycling and reusing waste to make new products. By incorporating sustainability into their brands, they can provide eco-friendly products that consumers can buy with a clear conscience. Revolve looks at three brands that repurpose the old to create something new. LOLOI More than half a million women around the world […]


Turning Jeans into Seats and Mats

10 Nov 2015

Innovative start-ups from around the world are recycling and reusing waste to make new products. By incorporating sustainability into their brands, they can provide eco-friendly products that consumers can buy with a clear conscience: NUDIE JEANS Founded in 2001 in Gothenburg, Sweden, Nudie Jeans has grown to be a leader in sustainable and organic denim production, providing […]


From coffee grounds to biofuels

5 Nov 2015

Innovative start-ups from around the world are recycling and reusing waste to make new products. By incorporating sustainability into their brands, they can provide eco-friendly products that consumers can buy with a clear conscience. BIO-BEAN Each year in the UK, 1.8 million tons of CO2 emissions are generated by 500,000 tons of coffee waste with disposal costing […]


Tomorrow’s Mobility Solutions Are Here

21 Sep 2015 Jean-Luc de Wilde

On the eve of the climate summit in Paris, mobility worries decision-makers because – contrary to other sectors – pollution emanating from modes of transport continues to climb around the world, representing today more than a quarter of total emissions. Automobile congestion and noxious pollutants are pervasive. And yet, solutions are now coming to market […]


Accelerating the Energy Transition

9 Sep 2015 Maroš Šefčovič

This is a historic period. The year of 2015 will hopefully be remembered as the turning point in the global fight against climate change and in the European transition towards a low-carbon economy. In December this year, global leaders will convene in Paris to negotiate an international framework for reducing our carbon footprint, right before […]


Plastic Road: From Asphalt to Plastic

23 Aug 2015 Edoardo de Silva

In the Netherlands, a multi-modular plastic road offers a cleaner and environmentally friendly alternative to asphalt. Dutch firm VolkerWessels presents a truly innovative concept: to build roads made of plastic taken from recycled waste found the oceans where great quantities of trash pose a serious threat to ecosystems. This concept addresses with two important environmental […]


Creating flipflops out of old tires

30 Jun 2015 Kyle Parsons

Inspired during a surf trip in 2004, the founders of Indonesian-based Indosole set out to transform waste from landfills into functional and fashionable products. Their goal was to create footwear using worn out tires as soles. Source: Indosole Central to the company’s vision, the idea of repurposed products involves finding a new function for old […]


Aluminium tabs can make cool bags

23 Jun 2015

Incorporating sustainability into their productions processes, companies can enhance their eco-friendly brands that consumers can buy with a clear conscience. Escama does just that with aluminum tabs from discarded softdrink cans: Escama Studio Image source: Cadu Andrade Escama Studio is a San Francisco based handbag company that collaborates with artisan collectives in Brazil to create a […]


Vinyls become clocks, mirrors, coasters…

7 Jun 2015

Innovative start-ups from around the world are recycling and reusing waste to make new products. By incorporating sustainability into their brands, they can provide eco-friendly products that consumers can buy with a clear conscience. VINYLUX Vinylux transforms unwanted and obsolete vintage vinyl records into a whole line of unique, functional new objects. They create bowls, coasters, magnets, ornaments, bookends, […]


British designer reuses rubber tubes and tires

5 May 2015

Discover a designer who turned her dislike of waste into a collection of stylish, resilient bags and belts made from reclaimed inner-tubes, bike tyres and car seatbelts. Katcha Bilek Katcha Bilek (KB) designs handbags, laptop bags and manbags with super-tough, durable and waterproof construction, along with unique fashion appeal. Her aim is to create items that are useful as […]


Chile’s fishing nets become skateboards

28 Apr 2015

Skateboard producer BUREO has an innovative and environmentally conscious approach to their manufacturing process. As an alternative to wood, BUREO’s boards are made from discarded plastic fishing nets harvested from Chile’s Pacific coastline. Fishing nets add to the abundance of plastic litter in our oceans. They present a serious threat to marine ecosystems worldwide. Aimed at tackling this problem, Bureo launched ‘Net Positiva’, a recycling program […]


Spreading the ‘digital cobbler’ concept 0

21 Apr 2015

Innovative start-ups from around the world are recycling and reusing waste to make new products. There are more brands than ever before putting sustainability back into the market. We take a look at 3D printed shoes that are assembled on demand and eliminate the ovens, adhesives and massive labor requirements typical of the industry: Lyf Shoes Lyf Shoes are […]



9 Feb 2015 Stuart Reigeluth

One spring day in 2004, I was smoking a cigarette and drinking freshly-squeezed orange juice on a bridge over the Barada in Damascus when a trash bag flew through the air and landed on the cement river bed. I was a little surprised but probably flicked the butt of the cancer stick into the water […]


We Need to Invest in Nature

21 Dec 2014 Jane Smart

Biodiversity is the planet’s life support system and key to addressing some of the world’s greatest challenges such as climate change, sustainable development and food security, and conserving biodiversity has been central to the mission of IUCN since its creation in 1948. For more than 50 years, IUCN has compiled the world’s most comprehensive information […]


Africa’s Sustainable Bioenergy Potential

9 Feb 2014 Mr. Oluniyi Robbin-Coker

Certified sustainable bioenergy production in Africa is feasible and necessary. Sierra Leone and many other African states are ready to prove it, but they need predictable and attractive markets, such as the EU’s 10% renewable energy target in transport.  Sierra Leone, like the whole African continent, is undergoing rapid change. Attracting investment, improving the business […]


Introducing Thirsty Energy

9 Feb 2014 Diego J. Rodriguez

Water and energy are inextricably linked. Water is fundamental to nearly all energy processes, while energy is required to treat, transport and extract water. Despite their interdependency and critical role in our lives and sustainable development, countries and governments worldwide continue to struggle to integrate energy and water into planning and investment decisions. Two thirds […]


On Sustainable Consumption and Production

9 Feb 2014 Arab Hoballah

Economic and social development over the last century was achieved through intensive, inefficient and unsustainable use of our planet’s finite resources. These challenges are mounting as the world population is forecast to reach 9 billion by 2050, of which 70-80% will live in resource-intensive urban areas. Resource exploitation already exceeds the Earth’s biological capacity. The […]


PUMA’s InCycle Eco-Collection

22 Aug 2013 Sven Stöbener

A revolution of economically and environmentally efficient products has started with PUMA’s InCycle collection, writes Sven Stöbener. Last spring, sportswear giant PUMA launched its InCycle collection composed exclusively of biodegradable and recyclable clothes, shoes and accessories. The impact all products from this new line have on the environment will be much smaller than other conventional […]


Sustainable Financing, Financing Sustainability

9 Aug 2013 Lara Yacob

The global environmental, social and economic challenges faced by societies currently will accelerate over time as the world’s population is set to grow to 9 billion by 2050. Water scarcity and pollution, competing use of natural resources such as land, climate change and variability, demographic changes and globalizing supply chains are all underpinned by social […]


Working on the Transition to Renewables

9 Feb 2013 Josche Muth

 When we talk about building a future based on more renewable energy, we usually think of cleaner production, replacing fossil fuels, overcoming dependency on highly volatile fossil fuel prices, fewer emissions and other issues which might sometimes seem abstract. But there is another face to the transition to renewable energies, one which witnesses the concrete […]

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