Stuart Reigeluth

Founder of Revolve Media

30 December 2015

circular Editorial

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Revolve Magazine Turns Five!
30 December 2015
Stuart Reigeluth | Founder of Revolve Media

circular Editorial by RevolveTeam

Five years ago, in the winter of 2010/11, we created a first issue of the magazine that you are holding and that at the time mimicked our first website. We went through three or four websites since then, and we are proud to say that the magazine has now taken on a truly international breathe of content and contributors. 

Looking back, we have done country reports on Tunisia, Brazil, Turkey, and India, plus industry reports on water, on cables, and heat pumps. We’ve diversified to include photo exhibitions and communication services: we now train the next generation of young media proffessionals in communicating more effectively about the value of water. 

With the goal of leading knowledge transfer for positive change, we are registering our non-profit REVOLVE WATER as I write these lines, and we are implementing a new editorial line to have each quarterly issue of this magazine be dedicated to the themes of Water (Winter), Forests (Spring), Energy (Summer), and Mobility (Fall). All the rest is about sustainability. 

It took us five years to get here, five years of constant improvement to reach this level where the driving theme of sustainability permeats everything we do. Sustainability is that intangible current that makes society better, that creates thriving long-term business, and that makes the environment a source of investment. Beyond generic corporate exercises of social responsibility, there is durability.

And in these five years of making magazines, of trying to transmit a critical but realistic view of the world, I want to thank all the people who have contributed to making Revolve what it is today.

We’re still a young company. We have the creative agility and the time flexibility that others don’t. I like to say we’re a small agency with big projects. Feel free to contact me to see how we could me more effective together.