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The Circular Economy's Action Imperatives

REVOLVE and REVOLVE Circular aim to apply circular practices in everything we do. To start, we selected the circular economy’s most prominent action imperatives. Check out how we apply them and join our circular journey!


REVOLVE refuses to work for the oil and gas industry as well as for lobby groups or projects which are not in line with our view of a more sustainable world. REVOLVE Circular refuses funding from or collaboration with non- and for-profit organisations likely to use us for #greenwashing. When do you start refusing?

Rethink and Reimagine

REVOLVE and REVOLVE Circular constantly rethink and reimagine how we do things, and how we can do them in a more sustainable manner respectful of the environment and society. How do you reimagine the future?


We all need to redesign our products, our services and our lifestyles – involving closed-loops and extending the life cycle of what we do and produce. At REVOLVE and REVOLVE Circular we have only started this. How would you help us redesign our products and services?


At REVOLVE and REVOLVE Circular we aim to purchase products that can actually be repaired. On a higher level we wish to support at least the European movement for “the right to repair”. All products globally should be reparable – what products do you purchase?


This is an important “R strategy” or circular economy action imperative. We do not yet know how to apply it as a sustainability communication agency and non-profit organisation – send us your ideas!


This is a great action imperative for all who want to go more circular. As a service provider, remanufactured products are not really part of what we do – what is your story on remanufacturing?


This is about reusing old materials to make new products. Discover how we contribute to the circular economy with our Repurposing Program and learn more about other companies with our Repurposing Series.


Like it or not: recycling is the last resort in a circular economy. Most recycling is downcyling and most products use a lot of value. Are you still recycling or circulating yet?