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REVOLVE Circular is a non-profit organization based in Vienna, Austria. We advocate for a systemic transformation from a linear culture obsessed with economic growth towards a just and inclusive circular society. REVOLVE Circular showcases and empowers the transformation’s contours, ripples and clusters – and we aim to counterbalance the predominant reuse – reduce – recycle narrative by putting forward three other circular action imperatives:
Refuse. Reduce. Rethink.

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The first-ever global “Circular Economy Perception Survey”
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Constructive Journalism

We call this the contours – we investigate and provide independent and constructive journalism on circularity.

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Science Communication

These are the ripples: our research and our science communication projects generate them, only to grow bigger and bigger…

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Knowledge Brokerage

We conduct research and identify clusters as a knowledge and information broker. We dissect relevant from irrelevant circularity

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Constructive Journalism

We investigate the insides and the contours of a circular economy and society.
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Science Communication

We encourage you to play around and explore the CRESTING timeline of circularity concepts

The Circular Economy is often referred to as – and increasingly recognized for – having a variety of concepts and so-called Schools of Thought (SoT) at its origin. One often finds reference to bio-mimicry, cradle-to-cradle, industrial ecology and in between six to twelve other SoTs in the literature.

Now guess what?!

There is far more to it: the EU-funded CRESTING project has already identified “over 70 circularity concepts from the Global South and North alike” and presents them in an interactive timeline. Its content is based on CRESTING’s extensive research, published as A typology of circular economy discourses: navigating the diverse visions of a contested paradigm.

REVOLVE Circular supports the CRESTING project’s fantastic exploration of the genesis of a circular economy – and society – and encourages you to play around with the timeline.

Keep learning about the circular economy and its origins!

Against the odds of a linear economy

The linear economy has revealed itself a dead end for humanity and the planet, and it is time for Circularity to take over, slowly but surely. Circularity will be the first-ever dramatic comedy against the odds of a linear economy, made in Nigeria. Circularity is also the name of the film’s main protagonist, a young Nigerian woman who thrives due to her circular mindset as she is fighting various battles against the numerous barriers established by the linear economy.

As a commercial social impact movie, Circularity will reach millions of people around the globe; it will entertain, and educate, its audiences about a different way of consuming, producing and living together. To produce Circularity, we collaborate with Lagos-based Verdant Zeal and Underdog Productions , and wish to express our gratitude for precious legal advice by Vavrovsky Heine Marth Rechtsanwälte.

The world is ready for the first-ever dramatic comedy against the odds of a linear economy – will you join us on this journey, support its production and help make it happen?

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Knowledge Brokerage


Imagine Circularity – this is how we branded our first knowledge brokering and multistakeholder project. We are hoping to involve and collaborate with many partners around the world in this first-ever initiative on how people perceive the circular economy. Its main question is “How do you imagine a circular economy?” and we are pleased to collaborate with the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development as scientific advisor and main partner.

The aim is to engage one million participants to produce a representative sample of their views and understandings. The survey will officially launch on 19 April 2021 and end on 15 January 2022. A global report and a series of customized reports on a large number and broad variety of audiences will be published in March 2022. We use to create our online surveys. They granted us a preferential non-profit rate enabling a truly global survey in potentially over sixty languages; in addition, the survey can be customized and extended to our partners’ specific needs.

Visit Imagine Circularity to get involved.

EU-Funded Projects

In addition to co-creating and implementing projects with REVOLVE Circular’s members, REVOLVE leads the branding, communication and reporting for numerous EU-funded research and innovation projects on the circular economy.

Large Industrial Solutions

A Circular Economy Solution for Industrial Wastewater. Recuperating industrial wastewater (brine) to extract the minerals and chemicals in order to reinsert them into respective industries that can use them in their markets, thus closing the loop of the circular economy in the water treatment sector.

Cities & Regions Solutions

The HOOP project supports 8 lighthouse cities and regions in developing large-scale urban circular bioeconomy initiatives that will focus on sustainably obtaining bio-based products from urban biowaste and wastewater. The HOOP Urban Circular Bioeconomy Hub will create an online platform to foster knowledge exchange and replication in cities.

Walking the Talk: Go Circular!

As part of our circular economy actions REVOLVE has a zero waste sustainability policy and contributes to the circular economy with its repurposing program and with its special repurposing series.


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