Back to the future

21 Sep 2018

In the 1950s and 1960s, urban planners designed cities around cars. Brussels is a sad example of this: a beautiful city, torn by motorways cutting through neighborhoods. Belgium’s taxation policy over the last couple of decades has made the situation a whole lot worse. It is now more beneficial to live outside a city where […]


Forests in Cities

18 Mar 2018

The trend to integrate trees in the urban fabric of cities and wood in architectural structures is growing rapidly. This photo essay highlights some of the latest buildings being built with timber and the tallest examples of design plans to reach above 300 meters in different cities around the world. From London to Toronto to […]


A Testimony of Water Challenges in Southeast Asia

21 Dec 2017

Urban growth, temperature rise and melting glaciers threaten river deltas around the world.


Water Innovation

20 Dec 2017

When innovation meets water scarcity challenges: A technological and financial perspective for a better water future.


Clean Mobility Pioneers

21 Sep 2017

Decarbonizing transport is key to realizing the COP 21 climate goals. Pioneers around the world are developing innovative sustainable mobility solutions. They show that it is possible to move clean and safely in the air, on water and on land.


Jose Andres about the Caribbean Energy Transition

5 Jul 2017

One of the main challenges facing the Caribbean is the energy market.

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