17 April 2019 | 4 minutes.

An interview with Violeta Bulc

Violeta Bulc
European Commissioner for Mobility and Transport

Violeta Bulc, European Commissioner for Mobility and Transport

Achieving gender equality between women and men remains a major challenge across Europe, despite being a founding principle of the Union, says the European Commissioner for Transport.

Why is it important to tackle the gender imbalance in the transport sector?

Only societies that know how to engage their entire capacity and potential can hope for a sustainable future – this is what drives my engagement in this topic. Despite progress and an increasing realization among all transport stakeholders that the sector can no longer be ‘exclusively for men’, currently only 22% of all transport workers are women. This is well below the figure for the overall economy at about 46%.

Besides employment, the gender pay gap remains a challenge. Across all sectors, women still earn on average 16% less than men in the EU. In addition, we continue to face fewer and slower promotions and difficulties in accessing board positions. For instance, in the aviation sector, less than 5% of pilots are women. In other words, there are still important challenges and barriers for women to access employment in the transport sector that need to be tackled. Equality between men and women is one of the European Union’s founding values and tackling the challenges faced by women in the sector has been at the heart of my mandate.

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