Paulina Godínez Estrada

Junior Consultant


Paulina is a Guatemalan whose passion for communication brought her to Austria. Paulina holds a MSc in Communication Science from the University of Vienna (2019) where she is currently a PhD candidate in the Department of Communication with a focus on exploring hate speech toward female journalists in Latin America for her dissertation. Before joining REVOLVE Circular, she worked with different NGOs and civil society organizations in Guatemala. She also has taken part in international media and communication conferences, such as the International Association for Media and Communication Research Conference (IAMCR, 2019) and the International Communication Association Conference (ICA, 2021). Paulina is passionate about communication, digital media, photography and social change; she believes that language creates meaning and shapes reality, therefore reflecting upon choice of words in every-day conversations, discourse and narrative are a huge interest for her. During her free time, she enjoys being outside with her camera photographing all kinds of living beings in their natural environment, cycling through Vienna and watching movies.

I’m sustainable

I became a vegetarian to take care of my body and Mother Earth. I move around Vienna on my yellow bike or in public transportation, and I power my small flat with green energy. I (mostly) consume organically grown and fairly-produced fruits, vegetables and grains. I am aware that reducing my personal carbon footprint won’t solve the climate crisis so I try to be an engaged citizen by using my right to vote, by staying informed, by engaging in protests for political change and by advocating for a circular future on social media.

The future I want

In the future, I wish to see a more inclusive circular society with global justice, human rights and Mother Earth at its core. I dream of decolonized access to land and use of resources. I dream of seeing Guatemala blossom. I hope that we can live in harmony with nature and each other.


Social Media Content Development Photography Visual Communication Qualitative Research

Area of interests

Increasing climate ambition Industry for a clean and circular economy Biodiversity and ecosystems Zero-pollution, toxic-free environments



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