Paulien Dirckx

Communication Officer


Paulien graduated from PXL-MAD in Hasselt with a master’s degree in Graphic Design and Advertising.

She gained her first experience working in advertising as a copywriter and content creator and later relocated to Brussels to work as the social media and communications officer at WWF-Belgium. Paulien is passionate about nature and storytelling and uses her interests to create strong messages that will convince people of nature’s importance.

I’m sustainable

“Buy less, choose well, make it last. Quality rather than quantity: That is true sustainability”. These are not my words but are a quote directly from Vivienne Westwood. If we all think twice about the purchases we make, we would buy less and have more budget to buy quality products that will last a lifetime.

Furthermore, I’m a huge fan of the European train networks. When you live in Brussels, you can easily visit Germany, France and the Netherlands from the comfort of a train. It’s easy, fast and allows you to enjoy the landscapes along the way.

The future I want

We need to work together with nature in order to create a sustainable world. Nature based solutions are a great way to improve our mental, physical and economic health, while remaining natures gift of restoring itself.


Storytelling Copywriting Social Media Content Creation

Area of interests

Biodiversity and ecosystems Water service and resource management research Climate Circular economy


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