Joshua Franklin-Mann

Communication Officer


A communications professional with a Masters degree in European Studies from KU Leuven, Belgium. With a background in education and tourism, Josh has a thirst for knowledge and enjoys the challenge of taking dense, complex concepts and making them accessible for everyone. With a vision of a circular economy for Europe, he is passionate about communicating ideas and technologies that will make for a just and fairer society. Josh speaks Italian after 3 years living la dolce vita in Italy. He enjoys playing chess, and writes in his spare time.

I’m sustainable

I do not own a car, instead preferring to see the world go by though a train window, or riding my bike around town. I try to eat sustainably – avoiding meat and shopping as locally as possible. I also rarely buy new clothes (too rarely some might say), repairing old threads or buying second-hand.

The future I want

I hope we take greater care of the space around us. We always talk of ‘escaping’ to the countryside or to the beach, when we should be focusing on making our living spaces such that they don’t need escaping from. I also hope that the industrial livestock farming practices of today become a thing of the past, looked upon by future generations as a terrible mistake.


Communication and Dissemination of EU Projects Content Development Social Media

Area of interests

Increasing climate awareness Energy and resource efficiency Circular economy initiatives



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