Clémence Contant

Project Manager


Clémence specializes in targeting and profiling the correct audiences to meet their needs. She has vast experience in digital marketing for the industry sector in Italy and culture heritage businesses in France. Her professional passion is storytelling and communicating to a large public in the most effective way possible. Her curiosity pushes her to always look for new ways of communicating.

I’m sustainable

I place most importance on my mobility footprint. I got rid of my car and prefer shared-mobility services. I take the train for long trips, then car-sharing for medium-to-long distances, and I bicycle for short, daily movement. Another important aspect in my life is how to reduce my daily wastes: I try to purchase in bulk, second hand and to reuse materials. This is all about rethinking our daily habits and what we really need.

The future I want

Finding a balance between our personal development and consuming responsibly.


Project Management Content Management Strategic Communication Marketing Branding Brand Activation Performance Impact Reporting

Area of interests

Zero-pollution, toxic free environments Sustainable and smart mobility Energy and resource efficient buildings Clean, affordable, and secure energy Increasing climate ambition



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