Communication Experts

REVOLVE is a communication agency offering a variety of services and expertise to improve your outreach and to create greater impact together.

REVOLVE branding strategy


Benchmarks, visual identity, graphic design, photo shooting, message definition, video making, and promotional print material.

REVOLVE communication and dissemination strategy


Audience and target definition, stakeholder networks, editorial line definition, multi-channel digital strategy, and media relations.

REVOLVE digital content


Content management, copywriting, and social media management to disseminate your message
around the world.

REVOLVE performance impact reporting


Reporting activities (KPIs and target monitoring), social media and online marketing control, and multi-channel analytics & monitoring.

REVOLVE digital marketing website social media


Digital campaigning, SEO, SEM, web development, UX/UI design, digital publishing, marketing automation, and community management.


REVOLVE Group includes regional offices and national representatives that provide strategic communication and creative content solutions for your sustainability projects.

Communication Experts

Strategic comms guidance, graphic design support, web development, motion design, marketing solutions and more.

Sustainability Experts

Researchers, journalists, and experts on water, ecosystems, mobility, energy, the circular economy and more.

Alicia Fàbregas

Photographer & data analyst

Filipa Rosa

Graphic Designer & Art Director

Josep Crous-Duran

Project manager & Scientific Advisor

Lara Barange

Communications Officer

Marta Castillo Sánchez

Communications Officer

Patricia Carbonell

Team leader & Project Manager

Asya Al Marhubi

Communications Officer

Clémence Contant

MarComms Project Manager

Danielle Kutka

Project Manager

Émile Noël

Driven Graphic Designer

Gary Leleu

Web developer

Joshua Franklin-Mann

Communications Officer

Nathalie d'Andrimont

Management Assistant

Peter Easton

Sustainability Advisor

Stuart Reigeluth

Founder & Entrepreneur

Sudhanshu Verma

Communications & Project Manager

Ving Wu (吴云雅)

Communications Officer

Ambika Vishwanath

Communications Officer

Priyanka Bhide

Communications Officer

Sören Bauer

REVOLVE Circular President

Job opportunities

REVOLVE believes in cultural diversity, linguistic variety, and all forms of equality, from gender to socio-economic to financial.

At the crossroads of media production and communication services, REVOLVE has a vibrant, kinetic, and enthusiastic team.

REVOLVE is always looking for new talent and energy to join our group.