7 January 2021 | Reading 2 mins.

Africa Circular: The first Pan-African circular economy summit


In partnership with ACEN

In partnership with leading organisations, governments and programs, the African Circular Economy Network (ACEN) is organising the 1st Pan-African conference on circular economy in 2022. The event, “Africa Circular,” will be a unique gathering and milestone event for driving the necessary transformation to a more circular economy in Africa. It shall be preceded by five preparatory online conferences, one for each African region, during 2021.

During REVOLVE’s recent interview with ACEN, the Executive Committee highlighted their ambitions to secure funding for at least five online workshops on circular practices in 2021 to provide input to Africa Circular –the first pan-African conference on the Circular Economy in 2022– which is “a journey, not a destination.” Though the date and location have not been fixed, here is what is planned.

To ensure input from various geographic regions and involve a maximum of stakeholders around the continent, ACEN will conduct a series of online workshops, one for each major geographic region of the continent. The five workshops will address circularity in each region, to identify existing circular businesses as well as policies, key challenges and opportunities of circularity. The overall objective of Africa Circular as the final event is to drive Africa’s circular transformation by presenting and informing of the opportunities and challenges of circular business models and policies to influence businesses, policy-makers, financiers and other stakeholders.

To come into existence, Africa Circular requires the commitment, involvement, co-financing and sponsoring by a broad variety of stakeholders. ACEN is actively looking for non-profit partners as well as for-profit sponsors to ensure successful preparation and implementation as well as start of the regional online workshops in spring 2021.

Feature Image: Honor ceremony at the University of Calabar in Nigeria. Photo: African Development Bank Group

For more information, please contact Peter Desmond at ACEN.