A journey to the end of the world

by Jack Pan, CEO of Ocean Motion Technologies and pursuing his Ph.D. at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. He was a team leader at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Views 5 February 2020


This is a collection of photographs from a research expedition to the eastern Antarctic Peninsula in 2018. A group of international oceanographers and atmospheric scientists embarked on this journey in Lyttelton, New Zealand, where the researchers and crew boarded the South Korean icebreaking research vessel, ARAON. The vessel sailed across the Antarctic Circle and eventually arrived at its destination in the Weddell Sea region of the Antarctic Peninsula. During this expedition, research activities were carried out which included helicopter operations, anchoring near the King Sejong Station, and sea ice and water column sampling. Finally, the vessel crossed the Drake Passage and docked in Punta Arenas Chile where the expedition concluded.
  • Southern Ocean
  • James Ross Island: Eastern Antarctic Peninsula in April 2018.
  • Antarctica: Stormy sea near the Antarctic Continent.
  • Research vessel ARAON: Korean Polar Research Institute (KOPRI)'s icebreaking research vessel ARAON docking next to a sea ice float.
  • King Sejong Station: A corner of the King Sejong Station (S. Korea) on King George Island.
  • Weddell Sea: American and South Korean researchers sampling sea ice in the Weddell Sea.
  • King George Island: The Glacial-marine interface in Maxwell Bay, King George Island.
  • Research vessel ARAON: Professor Mônica Petti sampling benthic organisms from the sea floor on board of KOPRI's icebreaking vessel ARAON.
  • King George Island: Pieces of glacial ice in Maxwell Bay, King George Island.
  • Research vessel ARAON: A sea ice scientist's observation log on the bridge of ARAON.
  • Antarctica: The south polar skua (Stercorarius maccormicki), often called "the raptor of the south".
  • Weddell Sea: Between James Ross Island and the Eastern Antarctic Peninsula.
  • Larsen Area: The massive iceberg A-57A originated from the Larsen Area can be seen on the horizon.
  • King George Island: Glacial ice pieces washed ashore in Maxwell Bay, King George Island.
  • Weddell Sea: A Weddell Seal resting on a piece of sea ice.