It has been said before but it’s worth repeating: a logo is not a brand. A brand is a story, a feeling, a future. The logo is just the visual messenger. At Revolve Media, we take pride in putting the time and thought into the different dimensions of developing a solid story around a memorable visual identity for long-term brand equity.

Building brand equity with a solid visual identity and parallel communication channels is crucial for projects and products to gain a meaningful place in the world. We analyse your brand/project by looking into the context and target audience behaviors in order to develop messaging tactics to reinforce the digital communication platform and print communication tools.

Brand equity is difficult to grow in an increasingly digital world. A strong visual identity can speak more than a thousand words and that’s our motto: simplicity is a virtue. Re-activating one’s brand is equally important to go beyond current trends. A strong visual identity is essentially the mark of a leader with a clear vision. We help you get there.

Here’s the explanation of the visual identity Revolve provided for the INHERIT Horizon 2020 project, if you click on the octahedron icon you can print and fold to make your own:

Inherit Logo