Writer: Volker Wendt, Director Public Affairs Europacable

Europacable developed the Concept of Partial Undergrounding to offer an innovative solution to the challenge of upgrading and expanding Europe’s electricity grid in a reliable, affordable and publicly acceptable way. The idea is to underground extra high voltage power lines in sensitive areas complementing overhead lines where their installation raises public or environmental concerns.

P12_partial undergrounding_graphic

An increasing number of reference cases show that partial undergrounding of EHV transmission lines can help to address concerns of local communes affected by the impacts of transmission lines. Partial undergrounding can break the deadlock of transmission projects, some of which have been delayed by more than ten years. By reducing permitting times of transmission projects, partial undergrounding can serve as an enabler to integrate renewable energy sources into Europe’s future energy mix.

 This article appeared in Revolve’s special Cable Power report, read it in full here.