Hassan’s son is eight months old now, plump in his blue pajamas printed with bunnies. He squeals with delight when tickled, and is determinedly teaching himself to stand. “I want my son to inherit a more secure Uganda, and a more tolerant society,” Hassan says.
The most traumatic outcome from the Kyadondo blasts for Hassan wasn’t the hole in his jaw, it was the rise in Islamophobia in Uganda after the attacks. “As Muslims, we felt our religion had been hijacked by extremists and Al-Shabaab to justify violence, which we felt is something we needed to put right.” In 2011, he sat down with friends, including Ahmed Hadji, and they founded the Uganda Muslim Youth Development Forum. “We engage young people, we encourage Muslim clerics to preach the message of peace, and provide positive alternatives to the young people that may fall prey to extremist lures.”


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