“I was 15 hours in the mortuary,” Robert says. The folded dent in his skull shows in startling relief against the pale wall behind him. With a catastrophic wound to his head, he was mistaken for dead, left unconscious in the morgue until a medical student practicing placing intravenous lines in corpses realized that his blood was still flowing. Though his survival is near-miraculous, his injury has destroyed his life. His scalp presses against his brain where the cranium is missing, leaving him unable to control the left side of his body. The treatment needed to re-build his skull and possibly relieve his paralysis is unavailable in Uganda and he does not have the money to travel abroad for treatment. 
He cannot continue his former job in an industrial shop and cannot pay for his children’s school fees. He relies on an aunt to shelter him and help him with his most basic needs, like bathing or cooking. “You can’t ask a person for help year after year, every day. They get tired of you.” His desperation led him to thoughts of suicide, which he combats by visiting friends at his old workplace whenever he can get a ride. He wants to start a business that doesn’t require too much physical labour, but has no money to start up. “Why am I living? If God knew, he would have taken me there and then, instead of leaving me here in this kind of suffering.”


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