More than 200 women and children live in this half-built concrete house, though it’s hard to keep track. People come and go. Not all the walls are finished. There are few doors, and ripped rice bags serve as room dividers for families. Food is alarmingly scarce, but the women cook together in the dirt alleys outside while the children race around after one another. The majority are Muslim, and come from the same hometown. Mohammed Rijiya Abatcha is the son of the president of the Chamber of Commerce for Bama, a powerful and wealthy man with several homes in Nigeria. When the flood of displaced people from Bama arrived in need of help, Mohammed turned the unfinished house over to them. “They lost everything that they have. They leave everything and they just come here to stay because of those people… they don’t even say the name ‘Boko Haram’ now; they cannot. They are just devils. There is no other way to describe them.”


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