“There are too many stories,” says Kasim, “It is not good to hear those stories.” He escaped from the village with a group of men when Boko Haram captured the area. They knew the men were under threat, but they learned later that nothing and no one was safe. “They take everything in the houses, and then they burn them.” He later learned that his younger brother did not survive the attack. His wife Maimuna and their first child were kept in a guarded house by a stranger who they referred to as an Emir. At first he gave them food, but it didn’t last. After a month, she made a plan to escape, running at midnight, carrying baby Faruk. Their town was destroyed, and they are now living among family in Maiduguri, and Kasim volunteers as a teacher twice a week at one of the camps for the internally displaced persons (IDPs).


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